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Any time you need to drill a hole into concrete, and that hole has to be larger than 1″, you should probably be using a diamond core drill bit. These types of bits are specifically designed for drilling through extremely hard surfaces like stone or concrete, and they do a great job of penetrating through the material to create whatever size hole you need. The diamond core drill bits manufactured by B+BTec are equipped with super tough Proprietary Diamond Tip Matrix for the fastest possible penetration through whatever kind of hard material you need to have drilled.

Diamond core drill bit features and functions

The Proprietary diamond tip matrix which provides the tremendous percussion drilling power over carbide drill bit, and that’s also what allows for the rapid penetration and quick accomplishment of whatever task you’re working on. Of course, you’ll always have several options available to you, even when drilling into concrete or stone.

Many job-sites will have core bits which use multiple diamond cutting segments, so as to drill the concrete into slurry, thus eliminating silica dust. The dust can easily then be removed to keep the site clean, and since this is a dry mode of drilling, there is no wet slurry mess that you will have to clean up after the job.

This can be a very good option for many different types of concrete block walls, although it’s less effective on poured concrete. Even diamond core drill bits may overheat if used in extremely dense materials, and that will cause the drill bit to degrade. Some types of core bits include a carbide pilot drill bit along with a secondary guide pin/plate set up. The carbide pilot bit will drill right through and ensure that the entire core stays centered throughout the drilling operation.

core drilling concrete

It may be a little harder to remove the drilled material from the bit, but by having the carbide pilot bit, you’ll have a little bit more leeway in terms of making your cut into the stone or concrete. If you were to simply use the guide pin/plate to cut through, you’d have to be a lot more careful, because there’s no pilot bit to guide the operation.

If you do this for any length of time, you’ll probably notice that the drill overheats, and that will end up shortening its lifecycle. Given the fact that there are no cheap drill bits, you’ll probably want to prolong the life of your diamond core drill bit as long as possible. These larger diamond core bits are also available in two different versions, including a pilot drill bit and a guide pin/plate version. You will undoubtedly discover with usage just how effective either one of these drill bit setups can be on the materials that you routinely have to drill.

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Whenever you have need of any diamond core drill bits, we hope you’ll contact us at MJC Sales & Marketing, where we can supply you with the very finest products available in the market today. In addition to our wide range of diamond core drill products, we also offer core drilling units themselves, along with modules, accessories, glass capsule anchors, steel anchors, injection adhesives, and diamond core bits for those super tough jobs you’re sometimes faced with.

We also sell Core Drills and Stands with are used in conjunction with our diamond core bits to effectively drill holes from 5/8” to 24” diameters. If it has anything to do with drilling through hard materials or structural anchoring, the company should keep in mind is MJC Sales & Marketing. You can count on us for the best in drilling products, as well as the best customer service in the business.

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