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Cutting thick rebar is almost always extremely difficult, and it requires specialized tools which can help make the process safer for the operator, as well as faster and more effective. Core bits that cut rebar must be extremely tough themselves, since the rebar is just as tough.

Depending on how thick the rebar itself is, you’ll have a number of options regarding which type of core bit to work with, but generally speaking you’ll have to use either a diamond-tipped core bit or a carbide core drill bit, because these are both extremely hard and have the capability of penetrating even the toughest rebar material.

Cutting through rebar

It has been said that wherever there is concrete, there is also rebar, and many a construction site manager has been dismayed to encounter that rebar when supposedly drilling through native concrete. There is no doubt that a fair number of drill bits have been ruined by the unexpected discovery of rebar in concrete where none was thought to be. When drilling through concrete, you’re always on the safe side if you expect to run into some rebar, and use a drill bit which can actually handle the material, so you don’t start losing bits and costing your company a ton of money.

It’s important when cutting through rebar to be able to remove debris very quickly, so it doesn’t clog the drill bit and cause problems with your drilling operation. The high quality diamond drill bits offered by B+BTec are equipped with construction that allows for fast removal of waste material, and for longer drilling life on the bit itself. Our diamond core drill bits have Proprietary Diamond Tip Matrix which make for smoother drilling and they weigh less, so they are easier to operate.

All in all, these are some of the finest diamond core drill bits on the market, and they are especially adept at cutting through rebar material when the situation calls for it.

The most effective method for cutting through rebar in any type of concrete is to use a B+BTec HI Speed Wet Diamond Bit. The proprietary diamond tip matrix is designed to drill both concrete and rebar materials.

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Drilling and structural anchoring products

For any kind of concrete drilling, tile and stone drilling, or structural anchoring tasks you may have to accomplish, we will have all the materials and products you need at MJC Sales & Marketing. Contact us at your earliest convenience to find out about our product lines, or visit our website to find products which you can use to accomplish your most difficult tasks.

We offer a huge range of products used for drilling, and structural anchoring, including manual tile clutters, tile and stone saws, diamond tile blades, tile drills and bits, wire saws, brick and block saws, diamond blades, hammer bits, injection adhesives, steel anchors, anchor design software, glass capsule anchors, core drilling units, diamond core bits, carbide bits, and various types of other modules and accessories which can be used in drilling and anchoring.

We recognize that your business is generally under some kind of time constraint and that you have deadlines to meet, so we always endeavor to ship products as promptly as possible, wherever you happen to be located in the world. In addition, our friendly customer service representatives go out of their way to be as helpful as possible in helping you to decide which of our products would be most suitable for the projects you have in mind.

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